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Click to pre order Occupy This Album This album is a benefit for the Occupy Movement organized independently by a collection of many individuals. You can go the the Music For Occupy web site to learn more about the album’s artists and music. In this post, I’d like to talk more about the relationship of independent projects to the movement. My company LoudFeed worked pro bono to build the web site for the new label Music for Occupy. It is important to note that many projects are emerging autonomously from various collections of people. I think this is a really good thing, especially in terms of getting things done efficiently. The questions of whether something is an official part of the Occupy Movement is not a simple one to answer in a movement that professes to be leaderless. Thus, in a leaderless movement, who is it that would be empowered to approve something as official? Those things that are deemed official have grown organically out of the official Working Groups that exist within the various General Assemblies of the Occupy Movement. I am user #1 in the official inward facing social network for the NYC General Assembly of Occupy Wall Street. I did the initial configuration and hosting of the web site at So, if you want to know what is official, that is one source. Anyone can become a member and without becoming a member you can see profiles for administrators and moderators of the many Working Groups on the ground. I was one of the first members of the Internet Working Group within NYCGA. The Internet Working Group later merged with another technology oriented group and changed the name to “Tech Ops.” A search of Groups for the term “internet” today, April 12, 2012 does not show a result for the “Tech Ops” working group, which actually is in charge of Internet technology for NYCGA. This may be a small point and it is not intended in any way as a criticism of the hard working volunteers who have done an amazing job with enhancing and maintaining a site that I helped to launch as part of the early team. One of the issues I experienced with remaining connected, besides the “disappearance” of my group in a merger, was the necessity to spend many hours a week participating in meetings. Sometimes dozens of new people would be at meetings for a group, where a much smaller number of people were actually doing the work of the group. Those meetings have been incredibly important and it is a testament to the power of this movement that so many people have been able to put family and jobs second to the movement. However, a successful movement also needs ways to accommodate supporters whose responsibilities to family, etc. cannot easily be put on hold. I am sure that are many other people in positions similar to mine. Each of my elderly parents were hospitalized in recent months and that has left me with little time for meetings. However, I have been able to do things like the web site for Occupy This Album in off hours. In future posts I will be writing more about the topic of independent teams and the group dynamics differences between getting something done in a group of 5 versus 500.

Disclaimer published by Music For Occupy

Please note that while many of us have worked with OWS in numerous capacities, Occupy This Album was produced autonomously and this project is in no way, shape or form endorsed by the Arts or Music Working Groups at Occupy Wall St, nor by the movement as a whole.  Thus, this project should not be considered as coming from within the movement itself, but rather as an independent project.
We (“Occupy This Album”, and Music For Occupy) are simply musicians and music professionals who wish to give as much as we can to the movement.  For further clarification, please refer to the Statement of Autonomy of Occupy Wall St at and contact us directly at for questions relating to the project itself.